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 작성자  관리자  첨부파일    
 자료구분  스트롱코드사전(히)  작성일  2007-01-30
 제목  [08816] Perfect
 자료출처  KCM  성경본문  
 내용 The Perfect expresses a completed action.

1) In reference to time such an action me be:

1a) one just completed from the standpoint of the present
"I have come" to tell you the news

1b) one completed in the more or less distant past
in the beginning God "created"
"I was (once) young" and "I have (now) grown old" but
"I have not seen" a righteous man forsaken

1c) one already completed from the point of view of another past act God saw everything that "he had made"

1d) one completed from the point of view of another action yet future I will draw for thy camels also until "they have done" drinking

2) The perfect is often used where the present is employed in

2a) in the case of general truths or actions of frequent occurrence -- truths or actions which have been often experienced or observed
the grass "withereth"
the sparrow "findeth" a house

2b) an action or attitude of the past may be continued into the present
"I stretch out" my hands to thee
"thou never forsakest" those who seek thee

2c) the perfect of intransitive verbs is used where English uses the present; The perfect in Hebrew in such a case emphasises a condition which has come into "complete
existence" and realisation
"I know" thou wilt be king
"I hate" all workers of iniquity

2d) Sometimes in Hebrew, future events are conceived so vividly and so realistically that they are regarded as having virtually taken place and are described by the

2d1) in promises, threats and language of contracts
the field "give I" thee
and if not, "I will take it"

2d2) prophetic language my people "is gone into captivity" (i.e. shall assuredly go)



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