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 작성자  관리자  첨부파일    
 자료구분  스트롱코드사전(히)  작성일  2007-01-30
 제목  [08813] Participle
 자료출처  KCM  성경본문  
 내용 1) The participle represents an action or condition in its unbroken continuity, and corresponds to the English verb, "to be" with the present participle. It may be used of present, past or future time.
1a) present time
what are you doing
1b) past time
"he was still speaking" when another came
1c) future time
we are destroying - e.g. are about to destroy



kcm  996223
교회  496017
설교  446878
선교  442618
예수  415518
아시아  357928
세계  328606
선교회  309833
사랑  304161
바울  302074



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